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Unity Shabbat with Sam Salz - Friday July 19th   

Enjoy a meaningful and fun Shabbat with Sam Salz as he shares about being the only D1 Football player embracing Shabbat and Kosher.  We will also have services with explanation and insights and a delicious gourmet Shabbat.

A chance to just be together and connect, at a time when it’s needed. 

Great Food * Great Company * Great Shabbat Spirit

6:00 pm - Playing Football with Sam, followed by services and a  gourmet shabbat meal

Suggested donation: $25 Adult - $15 Child - $180 Sponsor - $1800 Event Sponsor

Shabbat Registration

Suggested donation: $25 adult - $15 child - $180 sponsor - $1800 event sponsor


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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