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ENJOY THE FOOD prepared by Israeli restaurateur, evacuee of Northern Israel – Roi Graber 

HEAR THE STORY of the devastation of “Beit Hillel” and the Grabers experience building life anew in Greater Hartford 

CONNECT AND SUPPORT our Israeli brethren and be together at a time when we all need it most. 

Unity Shabbat for Israel - Friday, March 1st  

6:30 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat    7:00 pm – Kiddush & Buffet Dinner 

Experience Shabbat with a delicious Israeli feast prepared by Israeli Chef Roi Graber, who owned a restaurant “Beit Hillel”, in the very north of Israel. After the war began in Israel, constant rocket attacks from Lebanon have made the entire village unlivable and decimated its entire community and economy. The Grabers came to West Hartford together with their 2 children and have been acclimating into our community. 

Proceeds will go to support displaced families of Israel. 

Suggested donation: $25 adult - $15 child - $180 sponsor

Shabbat Registration is Closed Please Email

Proceeds will go to support displaced families of Israel.  -  Suggested donation: $25 adult - $15 child - $180 sponsor


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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